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Lakeshore Resort is a vacation getaway designed to take you away from the stress of everyday work and life. We are open year-round for seasonal fun and we offer Cabin Rentals , RV Park, Restaurant & Saloon, General Store, and a Marina.

CABIN: Kitchen & Bath Inventory - "Housekeeping Cabin" for 4 People


The following supply list may or may not be complete. If there is something you need other than what is provided, please let us know in the Reservation Office and we will do our best to accommodate you.  From time to time items are removed from cabins and not returned.  Please if you share your supplies, put them back in the cabin they came from.

Please report any broken, damaged or missing items to the Reservations Office.  A fee for damaged items will not be charged unless it is determined they were misused. Because of the high altitude (7000 ft) cooking or baking in the mountains takes longer. Thank you for cooperating in keeping the inventory up to date. Lakeshore Resort


4-6 Dinner Plates
4-6 Cereal Bowls
4-6 Mugs / Cups
4-6 Drinking Cups
4 Wine Glasses & Corkscrew
1 Salad / Serving Bowl
1 Coffee Maker + Coffee, etc
1 Juice Pitcher
4-6 Dinner Knives
4-6 Forks
4-6 Tea Spoons
2 Large Table Spoons
1 Small Cutting Board
1 Paring Knife
1 Utility Knife
1 Carving Knife
1 Cooking Fork
1 Spatula
3 Wooden Cooking Utensils
1 Can Opener
1 Skillet
1 Dutch Oven with Lid
1 – 1 QT Sauce Pan with Lid
1 – 2 QT Sauce Pan with Lid
1 Baking Sheet
1 Box of Matches

1 Colander
1 Dish Pan
1 Dish Drainer
1 Sponge
1 Dish Soap
2 Dish Towels
2 Pot Holders
1 Dust Pan
1 Broom
1 Fly Swatter
1 Kitchen Trash Can + Extra Bags
1 Silverware Organizer


4 Bath Towels
4 Wash Clothes
(For bathing only please)
Toilet Paper
Bath / Body Soap Bar
Soap Dish
Trash Can + Extra Bags
Bath Mat
Bag for Soiled Towels





Contact Us

Lakeshore Resort
61953 Huntington Lake Rd
PO Box 197
Lakeshore, CA 93634
Phone: 559-893-3193
Fax: 559-893-2193

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