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Lakeshore Resort is a vacation getaway designed to take you away from the stress of everyday work and life. We are open year-round for seasonal fun and we offer Cabin Rentals , RV Park, Restaurant & Saloon, General Store, and a Marina.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The following is to help make your visit a pleasant one for you and Lakeshore Resort.


1. FIRE & EMERGENCY: Please familiarize yourself with all fire and safety information posted in your cabin & in the cabin information book provided. PLEASE NO SMOKING IN THE CABINS! Smoke outside; grind out butts and deposit in the ash can provided. Do not LITTER the forest floor with butts.

2. NOISE: NO NOISE BEFORE 10 am or AFTER 10 PM. Sound carries in the forest so please be considerate of your neighbors. Exception: summertime dances in the Lodge Hall with a live band or DJ last no later than 12 am on Saturday nights. We do our best to control the volume. Snowmobiles may be used in the winter to access your cabin or trails, but racing up and down the resort roads is not permissible as it disturbs the other guests who might not be snowmobile enthusiasts. Maps of snowmobile trails are available from the General Store or USFS.

3. TOILETS: Please do not put anything in the toilets except toilet paper. Too much toilet paper will cause the toilet to back up and overflow. Flush twice if necessary.

4. FURNITURE: Please do not block the doors with furniture because of fire hazard. Please, if you move something, put it back where you found it. If you damage the furniture, please let us know so we may repair or replace it before our next guest arrives.

5. CURTAINS: Please do not tie the curtains into knots, sling them over the rods or hang anything on or pull on the rods. We do not have time to wash, dry and iron the curtains or replace bent or broken rods before our next guest arrives. The curtains are hand made and should slide to the right, left or middle.

6. HOUSEKEEPING AND SUPPLIESLakeshore Resort Cabins are 'Housekeeping-type' cabins. Fresh towels and other supplies are available from the General Store (winter) or the Reservation Office (summer) before 5 PM daily. We ask that you bring your soiled towels to be exchanged in the bag provided. To save water and energy, consider reusing your towels by hanging them up to dry. If you will be staying for more than 3 days and would like housekeeping to change your bedding, please inform the office upon check-in. Tips are appreciated by our housekeeping staff.

7. PETSDogs are welcome at Lakeshore Resort but please do not leave any pet alone in the cabin or allow them on the furniture. All dogs must be reported at check-in and a pet responsibility contract signed. Maximum 2 dogs per cabin. No cats please – people can be very allergic to cats and the forest is no place for a cat that might get lost.

8. WATER: Our water always tests pure and natural. The water heaters are 30 gallon and will recover in about 30 minutes due to the very cold spring water coming in. Cloudy water has excess oxygen and will not harm you. If you have rusty water, run the water for a while and it should clear up.

9. CAMPFIRES: Ask management for permission. Fire danger may be too high to allow a campfire in the cabin area. Always keep any campfire under control and never leave it burning unattended. No bonfires. Portable BBQ’s are OK if carefully watched. Please NO BBQs on the wooden decks.

10. PARKING: Please park where directed. Two vehicles per cabin. Extra vehicles will be charged $3.00 per night. Notify the office if you have extra cars. Do not block access to other cabins.

11. PROBLEMS: We try to handle each problem as quickly as possible. If you have any problems with your accommodations see personnel in the Reservations Office (Open daily from 8 AM – 6 PM), General Store or Saloon. If possible, notify us before leaving for the day so we may remedy the situation before you return. We cannot remedy problems if you don’t inform us until your departure. If a problem occurs very late and can wait until the morning we would appreciate it.

12. TRASH: Summer only – Place bagged trash on the road outside your cabin before 3:30 pm daily. NO TRASH SHOULD BE LEFT OUT OVERNIGHT! Other Seasons - Bring bagged trash to the General Store area before 3:30 pm daily. Extra trash bags are in the bottom of trashcans or ask for them in the office or store. Lakeshore Resort encourages recycling. PACK IT IN / PACK IT OUT.

13. CHECK-IN IS 3:30 PM – No early check-ins will be available unless your cabin has been released by housekeeping to the Reservation Office. Our housekeepers do their best to have your cabin ready on time but occasionally this may not be possible due to previous guests checking out late or maintenance issues with the cabin. We ask that you do not bother the housekeepers while waiting for your cabin to be ready.

14. CHECK OUT IS 11:00 AM – Please check out on time! We have many cabins to prepare and a short time to get them ready. UPON DEPARTURE: Leave your dishes washed, trash picked up and bagged, spills wiped up from the table, counters, stove etc. Check for all personal items in the closets, the drawers and under the bed, turn down your heater to 55, turn off the lights & coffee pot, close the windows, drapes, blinds and curtains and shut the door. If there are any damaged items, please inform the office so we may replace them before the next guest arrives. Any unreported damaged or missing items will be charged at the owner's discretion. Return the key to the Reservation Office (summer) or the General Store (winter).

FORGET SOMETHING? Check the closets and drawers.


Thank you for your patronage and we hope you had a great stay and will visit us again!


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